Spider Veins

  We’re specialized in the treatment of spider veins.



Spider veins are small dilated vessels near the surface oft the skin.


The appear bluish or reddish. Spider veins are like other conditions of the veins mostly hereditary. They can look like tree branches or spiderwebs with their short, jagged lines.


Based on a pressure increase the vessel wall is being stretched and hence the whole vessel dilated.



They also may be caused by hormonal changes. Spider veins pose no medical risk and are mostly a cosmetic issue. There is no risk of developing a thrombosis, although these veins are supplied by an impaired superficial vein.



Sklerotherapy (pletysmographic controlled sclerotization) is a microscopic procedure. It ist the most researched methode. The doctor uses a fine needle to inject a liquid directly in to the dilated vessels. The walls subsequently stick together and seal shut and won’t be seen afterwards.



There are more than 20 different liquids to use in sclerotherapy. We also use the organic sklerotisation by using glucose, which is usually tolerated without any side effects.


Sklerotherapy is a low-risk procedure because it is mostly cosmetic in nature.


Some rare risks remain :


  • Unintentional injection into the surrounding tissue with subsequent development of ulcers and necrosis.


  • Allergic reactions to the injection liquid


  • Formation of small brownish spots on the skin due to small hematomas, which will disappear after a while.



The costs of a sclerotisation treatment are covered by our komplet treatment.